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High PR Auto approve DoFollow blogs list 2013

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High PR Auto approve DoFollow blogs list 2013
In today’s blogging world,SEO(search engine optimization) plays an important role in accelerating the popularity of your website into the next level.The backbone of seo is based on the construction of numbers as well as quality of backlinks.Backlinks create a net of links with in different networks.So creating quality backlinks takes loads of effort which is really boring job.Because you have to search for Blogs which offer quality backlinks.Finding quality high pr sites is not an easy task.Also high PR blogging sites only offer backlinks to same niche and quality sites.Also there are some blog who offers backlinks to your blog,yet they are nofollow backlinks.Because nofollow backlinks have less importance than the dofollow backlinks in search engines like google,yahoo,bing,ask and so on.
There are many ways to get backlinks from  blog sites like guest posting,social bookmarking,backlinks exchange,buying ad space with a link to your site,providing templates with credit links back to your site,Blog commenting and more.Out of these Blog commenting is perhaps the easiest path to get backlinks.But Some blogs allow only nofollow commenting and searching for some dofollow commenting blog is a taller task.Even if you comment in some blog it is not like that they will publish your comments in their blogs.Because the comments needs to approved from the blog owner in order to get published in their blog.If they like your comments or if the comment are useful to their blog only then they  will publish your comments.
 But today I am going to share a list of auto approve dofollow blog simply and solely, that is to share the joy with all my friends , just try to imagine if we are commenting on the better dofollow  blogs , because we do not need to wait for the blog admin to approve our comments to be appear on the blog, but we just need to write comments and comments it will immediately appear. It's been so, we can also get loads of backlinks as long as the comments  are there in their blog as long as we leave comments relevant to the content of articles that we have read. Rather than waiting Eventually, getting backlinks immediately provides much satisfaction in our hard work.
List of auto approve dofollow Blog directory:

Top commentator auto approve blog directory:
Commentluv dofollow directory list:
Nofollow commenting blogs list:
Page rank wise dofollow directory:
PR7 ( 1 Page)

PR6 ( 2 Pages)

PR5 ( 8 Pages),2

PR4 ( 38 Pages)

PR3 ( 51 Pages),27
From my end,I have provided most of the dofollow approve blogs or web site list.These will really help in increasing the backlinks to your site.If this article contribute something in increasing the rank and popularity of your site,I suppose that my blog is valuable to you.
If you know any more dofollow blog,please mention them here by commenting below.Also do not forget to subscribe our news later.

New DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites of 2013

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Register New DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites 2013

Social Bookmarking - Hi good afternoon all the Companions. On this occasion  I will share more of the latest social bookmark sites and have high page rank which of course  we can use to hunt backlink. Social bookmarking is more secure way to increase the backlinks by protecting the sites from google penguin algorithm.It also helps to boost the traffic of your blog.Well if you can not wait to catch a backlink, please visit and submit your articles to various social bookmarking sites listed below:
  • PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 132
  •  PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 681
  •  PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 1641
  • PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 1934
  • PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 699
  • PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 5369 
  • PR: 8      Alexa Rank: 35
  •   PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 220
  •    PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 2758 
  •    PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 3708
  •   PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 718
  •   PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 1344
  •  PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 9294
  • PR: 7      Alexa Rank: 3386
  •  PR: 6      Alexa Rank: 3199
  •   PR: 6      Alexa Rank: 4706
  •    PR: 6      Alexa Rank: 3160
  •    PR: 6      Alexa Rank: 9519
  •   PR: 6      Alexa Rank: 19,970
  •   PR: 5      Alexa Rank: 7186
Oh yeah, other than by hunting backlinks from social bookmarking sites, you can also find a way by commenting on dofollow blogs. But I suggest that you should never leave the comment is spam, because it will make your efforts be in vain. Well, maybe just so that I can pass this time. For less and at most sincerely forgiven, hopefully what I am saying today could be benefited. Thank you

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4 recent blogger templates for online stores

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4 Recent Blog Template for Online Stores is one of the best free blogging platform offered by Google,the king of search engines.It does not demand any cost for hosting your website and also provide a free domain with extension of if one wishes to use a top level domain like .com,.net,.org,he can also host those domain in free blogger platform.Since it is a free blogging platform,it does not provide any advanced customization options like wordpress which is the most powerful blogging platform in internet now.Since very less number of widgets are available for customizing,it requires some html(Hyper text markup Language) as well as good css(Cascading style sheet) knowledge to transform the website look like  a professional website.Those who donnot know html or css knowledge,Don't worry.There are a lot of free and premium blogger templates available in blogging market.You can also create shopping website with blogger platform.but the problem is that how to choose the best professional business template.Are you feeling any not worry. Because a top template providing website provides a solution by creating a blogger template that is used to for online store websites., as previously already given power information about the top 5 online stores themed blogger template and this time I also provide information that is related to the online shopping stylish templates, many thanks for because it gives his work for free. Always a success. 
Here are some of the top premium online store templates available in the market.I have listed top four out of them.
1. Johny Palelu Peang
4 recent blogger templates for online stores
Template Palelu Peang Johny is my favorite online store template due to the cool green color interface.This template also comes with social networking features, shopping carts, image zooming and possessing enormous features  no less than a paid online store template. Please see the demo of the template or directly download it.For More details on how to use this template please visit this link.
2. Johny Sip Deh 

With Basic colors black and yellow font color merging,magazine type template transforms it into one of the best template ever created by any template designer.In addition to, the drop down features navigation menu, shopping carts, Social Network, Image Zooming, and subscribe via email all fulfills the requirements of a online store template.please first see the  demo of the attracted templates, or Direct Download but first learn how to use this template to make it easier.
3. Johny Muantab 
4 recent blogger templates for online stores
Black Header  and white body, Dropbox products, ads ready in the header image zooming  and loads of mind blowing features and display the prices on its products with invoice payment methods.Can we just imagine a template like this even in our dream? Have a look at the demo of the template it or download in the link.Once again if you feel any doubt learn how to use it well .
 4. Johny Ganteng Store.

From the name I would argue that the name of the template itself describes its features like it  is a phenomenal template design. This template is designed with four column footer,content slider features,tooltip image facility,drop down navigation menu,pagination faility and more.Previous template Johny Ganteng Store has been released by Maskolis.But this time it looks like the latest version with extra features.To see what features it have please see Template Demo or the download link here .Well if you have any doubt, first learn how to use.
These are top four, obviously, best blogger online store templates currently available in the blogging industry.It takes a loads of time to manually design a blogger template with such amazing features.You take a look on all those template and comment below which templates really suit your business.I hope you enjoy your success with those scintillating and sparkling templates. Do not forget to subscribe our news letter directly to your email inbox.
Thank you

. EDU Backlinks | How to Get Free Dofollow Backlinks

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. EDU Backlinks | How to Get EDU Backlinks Dofollow Free
Hello everyone,This time i will share the basic of search engine optimization (SEO).When we talk about SEO,the concept always directs to the creation of high quality backlinks.Because backlinks is the pillar over which the SEO technique stands by.Now  a days, .EDU backlinks  is  the main target for bloggers to boost the ranking of your website / blog , but sometimes we find it difficult how to get free and quality EDU backlinks.Here I will try to give some SEO tips to get dofollow  backlinks for free.

SO what is  a .EDU backlink?

. EDU is a special domain owned by educational institutions such as universities, schools and other educational sites, generally. EDU typically used by universities abroad.  ".EDU" sites have high Google pagerank and are indexed very fast by the search engines like google,yahoo,bing etc. So there is always high importants of linking those .edu site into blogger sites. . EDU is also sprayed our blogs to high PR and indexed quickly

How to Find Backlinks. Qualified EDU Internet with Google Search

To find backlinks. EDU  is not as easy as we think but with a little trick using the Google search engine, it would be very easy to get thousands of blogs or forum with .edu domain that allows us to leave a comment or make a free profile.

How to find . EDU Blogs from search engine:

Please go to Google search and type a query like the following.
  • site:. edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
  • site:. edu "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" site:. edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
  • site:. edu "Powered by ExpressionEngine" site:. edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
  • site:. edu inurl: blog "post a comment" - "comments closed" - "you must be logged in"
. EDU Backlinks | How to Get Free Dofollow Backlinks

Search . EDU Forum that allows to create Profile:

Please type a little search query as below.
  • site:. edu "Powered by vBulletin" inurl: "register"
  • site:. edu "Powered by phpBB" inurl: "register"
  • site:. edu "Powered by PunBB" inurl: "register"
  • site:. edu "Powered by SMF" inurl: "register"
  • site:. edu "Powered by IPB" inurl: "register"
  • site:. edu inurl: CreateUser.aspx
  • site:. edu inurl: register.aspx
  • site:. edu inurl: "wp-signup.php"
  • site:. edu "powered by ExpressionEngine"
  • site:. edu "powered by vbulletin" inurl: "register.php"
  • "Leave a comment" site:. Edu
  • "Reply to post" site:. Edu
Search for keyword targeted backlinks site:
To find backlinks with the keywords your domain consists of, please change the word in bold print ed with your keywords
site:. edu inurl: blog "post a comment -" you must be logged in "-" comments closed "" your keywords "
For easy working, better to use a more optimal NoDoFollow Firefox Add-ons so it will be easy to detect do follow sites.
Happy hunting backlinks. EDU and good luck!

Alexa Rank | How to Increase Alexa Ranking

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Alexa Traffic Rank | How to Increase Alexa Rank

Generally,bloggers specifies their site position by three ranking system which are google page rank,alexa rank and MozRank .Out of all of these, Alexa rank has very important role in your blogging career especially for those of you who are  professional bloggers, many blog that has good Google pagerank and Alexa traffic rank  is very low, there may be some of you do not know that the actual Alexa rank has nothing to do with Google pagerank.
Much debate among Bloggers, Webmasters, SEO expert that the Alexa ranking system for blogs and websites are important part of successful blogging career. Many people are confused as to why their sites that have high traffic but its Alexa rank does not go up? This is because Alexa traffic count  a site of a browser that was installed the Alexa toolbar, so traffic from the browser without Alexa toolbar installed is not included in the Alexa ranking algorithms. But the fact is that Alexa ranking algorithms of the system to blogs and websites is one of the best in the blogging industry ranking online.


  • Understanding Alexa Rank | What is Alexa Rank
  • Proven Techniques To Quickly Increase Alexa Rank
  • Claim Your Site On Site Alexa
  • Install the Alexa Toolbar In Browser
  • Regularly Update Blog Content To Increase Alexa Rank Fast
  • Qualified Content
  • Link Building
  • Blog Commenting
  • Special Content for Webmasters
  • Alexa Pro

Understanding Alexa Rank | What is Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is one indicator of a site's popularity and is also often used to assess the quality of a site, if a site has low alexa rank that means it has quality content,high traffic and quality backlinks., for example: (Alexa rank # 1) , (Alexa rank # 2).

Proven Techniques To Quickly Increase Alexa Rank

Below are some ways / techniques to increase Alexa rank that has been proven to increase Alexa rank quickly.

Claim Your Site On Site Alexa

To increase Alexa ranking , claim your blog / website in the alexa website and place your  Alexa Meta tags in the head section of your template, then Alexa will make it easier to access your site. Site description, country name and profile is very important when claiming. Always use the keywords that match the theme of your blog when describing your website, although it is a small but very helpful to increase Alexa ranking on your blog.

Install the Alexa Toolbar In Browser

Install the Alexa toolbar in your browser is a must you do to increase the Alexa rank. You must update your blog using the browser that has been installed with the Alexa toolbar, all the activities you do on your blog must be using the same browser and have installed the Alexa toolbar.

Regularly Update Blog Content To Increase Alexa Rank Fast

Update content regularly on your blog is a great way to improve your Alexa rank, Alexa love fresh content is similar to Google. I once read on a site that is well-known that updating the blog 7-10 times a week will very quickly increase the Alexa rank.

Qualified Content

Alexa also consider page views, bounce rate, when they rank your site. Unique and fresh content will make your blog visitors will feel like home on your blog, creating unique and quality content that is always consistent with the theme of your blog, the content which does not fit the theme of the blog will be a negative effect for Alexa Rank and very detrimental.

Link Building

Alexa also counts links, link farms or backlinks that point to your blog will also make impact on how Alexa rank increases.There are many ways to get backlinks such as social bookmarking, link exchange, guest blogging,commneting on forums,commenting on yahoo answers etc..

Blog Commenting

You should be aware that most of the blogs have NoFollow attribute in their comment system, It does not help to increase Google pagerank. And, if you comment on a blog which are aggressively for the long term then you may be a victim of the mass of spam by Google. Do not be afraid, you believe it or not, the search engine Google is always looking for the intention. If you post constructive comments using keywords wisely, then Google will send a positive signal and help you to improve your Alexa rank.

Special Content for Webmasters

Almost all webmasters and blog owners should use the Alexa toolbar in their browser, and if you write a post specifically for those with optimal search engine optimization then Alexa rank will increase very quickly because they will visit your blog to their browser that has been installed with Alexa toolbar. few examples of content for webmasters like to discuss about SEO , Blogger , how to modify a website / blog, etc..

Alexa Pro

If you are a blogger who is blogging and seriously pursue a profit in the world of blogs,  you may try and buy Alexa Pro , in addition to improving Alexa rank quickly, you can also enjoy more features of the Alexa as promoting your website on Alexa search results, add a company logo, a link back to your site, etc.. If you are blogging just as a hobby like this better to chose Alexa free course.
I think my article will be helpful in solving some doubt in your mind about the alexa algorithm and hope you will get good alexa rank in the upcoming future.Best of luck.Also don't forget to leave comments here.