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Free blogger templates download

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Blogger is the best blogging platform after wordpress design.It suits all newbie bloggers since its operating interface is very user friendly.The classic bloggers template provided in the site don't look nice.They does not provide professional design to a blog.So you much choose some third party blogger template in order to make your website more beautiful and good looking.Also these third party blogging templates are seo fiendly and designed using HTML 5.They provide most advanced navigation system with stylish header as well as stylish footer.There are many template providing websites are out there.But some are premium template providing websites and others are free.If you donot have enough funds to buy a professional template ,then the following templates are worth downloading and have a taste.

1. Crott Johny Template
Johny Crrott store template

demo   download  
How to Use This Template

2. Johny Ganteng Store

Johny Ganteng Store

demo   download               

3. Joss Johny Template

johny joss template

demo   download 
How to Use This Template

4. Johny Magstore

blogger templates online store

demo   download 
How to Use This Template

5. Johny Blackstore

Blackstore template

demo   download 
How to Use This Template

These are some of the best online shopping template that are really user friendly.I  hope these templates will suit you website and you want more template please comment below.I will provide the templates by email

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