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Add css code to blogger by two methods

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CaptureAdding CSS code on blogspot alone, we need to customize the look of our blog. Because usually when we want to add a feature to our blog, we have to add the CSS code into it. In modern web design css holds the basic building blocks of a web page .With out css a web page looks like a rough note diary.If you have already been intimated about google blogger platform,then you may have well known about how to add css code.But if you are a newbie,then obviously adding css code is a bit difficult task for sure.But if you are reading the post ,then you have come to the right place. Well for that if you do not understand where and how we can implement CSS code to our blog, here are two ways that you can use.
  1. By default HTML editor
  2. By template designer

Method 1:By default HTML editor

For each blogger this method may be very common used by every one once, Here I provide complete step by step tutorial   How to put css  code in blogger blog template
The steps  are as follows:
1. Login to blogger dashboard >>
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2. Then Select Template >> Edit HTML code.
Add css code to blogger by two methods

3. Find ]]> </ b: skin> in your template, use CTRL + F for more convenience.

4. If you've found the code, place the CSS code on it.

Add css code to blogger by two methods

5. Click save if already already performed your desire task.
Well, it is the first way to add CSS code on blogspot. Well, here is the second way:

Method 2: By Using the Template Designer

This way is actually quite easy to implement. But actually this is a rare way to do.
1. Login to blogger then get in Dashboard
2. Choose a layout >> Template Designer
Add css code to blogger by two methods

3. Then select "Advanced" tab.

Add css code to blogger by two methods

4. Enter CSS code and then click "Apply to Blog"

Well hopefully tutorial I gave at this time can be useful and hopefully after reading this tutorial you are able to add CSS code in your blogspot.if you really like the post and if you think it will bring a twist in your blogging future,then do not forget to comment here.I am always with you to help.Ask any question if you face any difficulty in editing blogger template.Thank you

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