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How to Create Dynamic Heading In Blogspot

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How to Create Dynamic Heading In Blogspot

How to Create Dynamic Heading In Blogspot  | The more bloggers who want to use this trick, because this is one of several criteria of SEO Friendly template today. Usefulness of dynamic heading a very influential for quality SEO and boost in search engine like Google. So this time postings about SEO bloge will discuss about how to create or edit a blog heading into dynamic heading.

In the picture above we can see there are 3 parts or components pending in my article, namely:
  1. Title Tag
  2. Header Page
  3. Article title
The third component is the most important part of a blog article, least you waste three components with the wrong settings. So let's learn to adjust the settings to be more SEO Friendly template with dynamic heading . If you're too lazy to edit-edit HTML, maybe you can try to use SEO Friendly template is already in a dynamic setting heading here .
Set the Title Tag
Most of the bloggers to let the blog title tag in a state of default or standard. Examples blogs using tags such as title (the title of the blog): (post title) or (post title) | (title of the blog). Hence its title tag will look like "Mas Hanif Blog: Dynamic Heading Seo Friendly" and "Dynamic Heading Seo Friendly | Blog Mas Hanif", make sure you do not make that mistake. Title tag is the most SEO Friendly is the only (post title). Because each additional word in the title tag will reduce the percentage of the keyword density.

Set the Page Header
For those of you who want the page header when writing the name of the blog is to write the title on the homepage and on the article while the article page, we need to make some arrangements on blogs HTML. To do that please follow the following steps.

1. Sign in to Blogger
2. Entry into the Template menu, then Edit HTML
3. Find code  <b:include name='title'/> , if there is more than one code try the code one by one, but you better start from the bottom.
4. Replace the code <b:include name='title'/> with the code below.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<b:include name='title'/>
</ B: if>

5. Save the changes and see if it's changed or not, the title of the article page. If you have not changed the code back into <b:include name='title'/> , and repeat replacement of the other code.

Set the title of the article
By default usually provide templates blogger with H3 as the title of the article, this is actually not SEO Friendly. Moreover, by default H2 headings given to the widget title. So follow these steps to make us a better template for SEO.
  • HTML on the Edit menu, please find the code  . h3 post
  • Code as it is usually more than one, instead of all. H3 a post. H2 post
  • Now look for the code  <h3 class = "post and modify all be  <h2 class = 'post
  • Do not forget to also change her from closing tag </ h3> a </ h2>
  • Save Template
Addendum: Change the title of the widget into H3
After all the above steps do I make sure that your blog has been menakai dynamic heading and be more SEO Friendly. Now just change the name of the widget to h3.

Please search widget code, for example, I take this code:

<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' title='Join and Get Updates' type='HTML'>
    <b:includable id='main'>
  <b:if cond='data:title != ""'>
    <h2 class='title'> <data:title/> </ h2>
  </ B: if>
  <div class='widget-content'>

Change and replace  <h2 class='title'> <data:title/> </ h2>  be  <h3 class='title'> <data:title/> </ h3> . Do not forget to also change its CSS code as an example, replace the code of  {h2 into  h3 { . If it is completed please save the template.

've Finished setting all critical components on your blog. Now your blog is more SEO friendly. If you want to be more seo friendly again might try installing breadcrumbs . Hopefully dynamic headings can help improve rankings sister blog articles in Google.

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