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How to Increase the Number of Feedburner Readers on Blog

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Increase the Number of Feedburner Readers
How to Increase the Number of Feedburner Readers on Blog - This is a must seo optimisation question for each web blogger today.If you are trying with heart and soul to get high rank in search engines like google,yahoo,bing, then it's obvious that you must have good daily traffic.Feedburner developed by google itself is great service for increasing page views of a blog.The articles you post in your blog are
podcasted by the feedburner readers.So its a old but nice technique to easily increase the page view of a blog.So here the question arises??
Why is the number of readers on Feedburner sometimes too little? Keep in mind that not all readers are always using the RSS Feed Feedburner address to subscribe to posts and comments on your blog. This occurs when readers make access to the blog address in web browser will read the default  Rss Feed address on our blogger.
Have you ever wondered why there are blogs where their Feedburner account  reach hundreds, even thousands? That's because they divert all feed traffic to Feedburner address, in other words people who subscribe to Feedburner Rss Feed will be transferred everything apart. 
Here I will explain how to increase RSS reader us. 
But you need to concern that it will not be a way to increase the value-Count Feedburner automatically, all depending on the number of readers who subscribe to our posts. In other words, we simply direct the reader to always access to the Feedburner address, so our readers are not divided by the default address our blog RSS Feed. If you want to increase the number of readers feedburner 
you  follow the following steps: 
1. Log in to
2. Click on one of the blogs> Select Settings> Others
 3. Well there is no article  Post URL Changing the Direction of Feed  > Click on Add 
4. Copy your Feedburner address listed in the charging box, such as in this blog
 5. Then click "Save Settings" located on the top right of the page. 
well now let's see Feedburner Readers people, or can be viewed at ~ fc / name-feedburner-id, if there have been significant changes you are successful, but if not, try waiting a few hours / days. Welcome page of RSS feeds you've been redirected to Feedburner. patient first if there is no change, I have recently experienced a change in one day after doing these tips. If you want to see my readers Feedburner, you can see below this post, pretty much right? whereas initially ranged between thirty's. If you still try to do a little seo optimization on your blog. Actually this trick I can because I am confused why my friend's blog has his readers much more than me, and it turns out solved easily after looking at google . So 
It is one of the best method to get more subscribers to your blog as well as mor enumber of visitor to your blog.If you want to see more seo optimisation technique then you may see the following posts:

 I hope you enjoyed the article How to Increase Number of Feedburner Readers in Blog .If you find any useful method to increase feed subscriber of  website,then you are always welcomed to comment here.
Thank you.

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