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How Social Media Can Help Your Career Success

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The social media has over time transformed from its original use as a convenient way of college students to keep in touch to an important tool/platform for career building through professional networking and personal branding. Through the social media, one can build a successful career through a number of ways if used correctly.
The connection between the social media and career success.
The world today is full of competition and to stand out amongst great careers, success seekers will need to differentiate themselves through highlighting their value propositions. The social media helps you to do just that through social networking. Through the social media, you can be able to connect with people you would otherwise never get a chance to connect with, and people who introduce careerists to referenced contacts. The social media also offers careerists a chance to share their expertise. For example, a social media site like LinkedIn allows its users to upload and update their resumes as frequently as they may need. Your connections too can endorse your expertise which can be viewed by all your connections who might turn out to be potential employers. Career success in relation to business career can also be achieved through the social media. People looking to expand their business connections can work on it through learning, keeping up with and monitoring their competition through the social media. Powerful business connections/relations are also built on the social media
Using the social media to illustrate your expertise.
There are several social media networks that you can use to illustrate your expertise. These are such as LinkedIn, BranchOut, Facebook and Tweeter just to name a few. These are social media networks that make it easier to let the people you interact with know what you do. These can be done through sharing of links to your website or your career articles. The potential these connections may offer is nothing to be underestimated especially for people looking to build great business career.
The question of which social media networks are best for career success is frequently asked by most careerists. Some social media networks display an aura of professionalism than others. For example, LinkedIn is considered much professional as compared to Facebook. However, any of these sites can be used for building successful careers if used wisely.
Successful career building will not only involve self branding but also job seeking. Any careerist's goal whether a job seeker or a business owner is to be discovered. The main tip to be discovered is to broaden your network. In order to find connections that can help you through propelling you to the right direction, you will need to build relations with people beyond your immediate relations. You will also notice that online connection are always much easier to approach and they are much willing to help as compared to connections that you have to find physically.
However, as much as the social media offers you the easiest ways to connect with professionals, care should be taken when using them. This is because photos, videos, clips and comments displayed on the friendship networking may be displayed on your professional pages and may not be deemed so professional.
Barrie Adams is an experienced writer/HR consultant with works currently published in Careers Africa and other related magazines and websites for Job Vacancies in Nigeria

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