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Genuine methods to drive loads of Traffic to your website-Fully explained

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Okay this time,I will keep my promise to post how or which techniques I use to drive loads of traffic to my blog. When ever I make a interesting post,I make sure that each post is well optimized according to the proper seo guidelines.Sometimes there are a few articles that directly attracts many readers for long time while other articles fade away after short span of time.Well, what is the cause? Most webmaster post a content with a intention that they will get heavy organic traffic from popular search engines like google,bing,yahoo and more.
Drive huge traffic to blog
Raising the blog stats
Some times I also check and analyze in other blogs and popular web pages  what kind of methods they adopted to touch millions of pageviews for a single post . Even if we wait and see column page view they move like second hour continues to grow endlessly.
Well, from my blogging experience this year, I found some unique ways that might not have occurred to other bloggers ( but is still conventionally know .. ). Any way I share it though it is stingy-stingy.

Factors responsible for driving  tons of traffic

1) Blog Already Indexed on Search Engines
This is very crucial for every blog wheather it is new or old but not yet appear on search engines.I still remember my first blog is registered at a few tens of search engines.No doubt!The best search engine google indexes web pages of a popular website automatically.But you need to pay attention to other search engines.You have to submit your site address manually to other search engines in order to get your posts crawled by their bots.Yet,google is the prime source of tons of visitors to my blog, followed, babylon, avg, yahoo,bing and others.
2) Make a lot of posts but routine
Postings regularly will attract many readers or post according to the information they are looking for. It could be a factor that visitors jumped to another interesting post as well which will keep the readers in your blog for a longer time. You should schedule fairly routine (eg day 1 post) for blog posting that will maintain site rank in the eyes of rank-checker and google indexing search engine.
3) Make unique title for your blog post
A catchy title will arouse curiosity in seekers mind for new information and finally they will read the posts that we make. Different titles will make your article as the first choice in search engine.Because if you use same title that are already existed in the internet,then you have to compete with top ranked sites to make your article display as the first choice in search engine.So always make a unique and seo keywords based article title.
4) Try to make fast loading blog
Blogs that match Friendly SEO techniques (fast loading, simple) is  preferred by the search engines along with blog visitors. Therefore donot put ads or widgets that increases the loading time of your blog.Generally javascript codes elongate blog loading interval.So try to implement less javascript code and use fast loading latest css 3 codes.Because when a website is browsed from slow internet connection,it takes lots of time to load a single image or the javascript codes which pursue the visitors to leave your blog to other websites.
5) Simple and attractive template
This is a basic criteria for the growth of any blog.If your website does not look like professional,people will think like they will not get true information from this blog.Always a visitor prefer to read information from a quality blog.

6) Note the color composition of writing
I think the black writing on a white background is best  for reading and visual calmness.Many Admin of blogs often do not realize that the composition of blog posts  disrupt or even destroy the view blog readers. The best blog font size 12-16 which is clear to read. So pay attention to the composition of letters and colors of your blog.Design appropriate background of article page in order to facilitate the visitor's eyes to read in the morning, afternoon or evening.
6) Put social media buttons
Do not forget your blog armed with social sharing buttons like Facebook Like & share , Twiiter share and Google plus share because if one person shares your posts on Facebook ,certainly many friends of that reader will read it.If you had a fan-page on fb  you can share through there. But better share directly to your Fb friends. I also often share post via Yahoo Answers .When ever you are replying answers in yahoo answers,there is an option to put the referring source link option where you have to put the link of the url from where you got the information.Provide solutions to the questions related to your blog niche and put your blog url as referring source.
7) Themes up to date and some information about upcoming post:
The blogger theme should be well constructed so that people will not face any kind of difficulties in finding contents and other useful stuffs.Generally,blogger template should not contain any kind of bug so that different browser engines can render the web page smoothly.You should  always mention something interesting about your upcoming posts.It will help the first time visitors to return to your blog again in order to explore something new.

8) Follow the group or fan page blogger
Groups on facebook is the best way to unify the thoughts of different people in a single content.Joining a group related to the content of our site will certainly increase the interest of people of that group to visit our blog.We meet there a wide range of writing styles and taste many of the bloggers mindset. Will certainly add a lot of friends and blog visitors.
9) Visits to other blogs
Linking between different websites of related niche is key of success in any blogging business.Whenever you make some comments in other blog,it will help the interest of that blogger readers to visit your site through that link.It will create a bond of friendship between the two blog owners.Of those who diligently link to other blogs will get the reciprocal.
10) Interesting blog profile photo
Do not have a photo-profile (pp) in your blog.  If we follow or comment on other blogs comments generally appear with  avatar or profile image which we provided. Well, using a good / handsome / beautiful as well as attractive photo will enthusize the people to know more about the back ground of the author which helps in increasing the relationship bond between the blogger admin and the loyal readers. Therefor ,it is extremely important to design your blog with a real and interesting blog profile image.
11) There must be a picture in every post
The images in every post is very important.Because people search for interesting images daily in google image search.Millions of image views are recorded daily.So in addition to our writing as well as illustrating the facts with an interesting and unique image  will help people  find the info via google image to our blog. Of course there are picture books more interesting to read than writing it all does not it? Do not forget to give the name of the image in accordance with the theme of writing before embedding it with the post or give a footnote that in as a key word in the search engines.
12) Keyword Blog (Blog Title)
I chose the word " Dreamtechblog " because I think the most fitting as an opening post. The blog title will pursue people think it like a professional website which will drive their mouse to click on that link.The post title should match the niche as well as the blog title of the website.
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Way above mentioned are  conventional but powerful to boost my blog stats. Next time I'll share again if already get any more tricks and tips to help my blogger friends.I hope you read my article with heart and soul .If you like the post ,please subscribe our newsletter below to get our latest articles directly to your mail inbox.
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